Sandra B▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: I would highly recommend that each school begin the eSmart journey. It is a long journey that really makes a school focus and rethink in relation to being cyber smart but it has numerous resources for a number of things especially privacy and online safety. Some resources are for teachers and administrators and many are for students. Highly recommend looking into it. 

Part 2: Top 3 Tech: What are the top 3 information services or technologies that have made the biggest difference to you or your students's lives?

My Top 3 are:
iCloud ( email, calendar, notes, reminders, contacts, pages, numbers  keynote etc its portable, available on all of my devices) , Wikispaces and Skype. 

Part 3: What are your best keywords for a search for relevant educational technologies or lesson plans for digital technologies education?
I do not have key words as such but I think carefully about what it is that I want from a search and choose a string of words related to that to narrow the search.
What are the worst searches you've made? The worst searches for me have been those where I have not been specific in what it is I am searching for. These can lead me up the garden path …. #cserTask5  

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