Sandra B▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

How did you first start using the Internet? How do you feel about using the Internet?
My first experience with the internet was at school as a teacher in the very early ‘90s. The Dept. issued all teachers with an edumail account. This gave purpose for ‘logging on’ and we had access to the world wide web and this ‘thing’ called a search engine.  I remember staying back very late at school to experiment as I did not have a computer at home at this stage. I spent many hours on a slow clunky system looking/searching to see what was out there.  How I felt was curious, excited, and a little anxious not knowing what was out there.  Since the first time I logged on I have never looked back, it was life changing…. 

The short sentence as a rumor game that I would use with children in Level 1 or 2 is: Mary has a big black dog. I have chosen this because children of this age will relate to someone having a pet, they are also egocentric so they are likely to change the name to their own name. This is short and simple. It would be interesting to see if the dog gets changed to cat, rabbit and or fish and eventually ends up back as a dog.  #cserTak4

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