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Option 2: A great way for middle primary students to learn about writing instructions is for them to carry our a task and then have to write down the sequence of events that they followed to complete the task. This can then be shared with younger children (Grade 1 or 2) and these students can follow the instructions written by the older students. In this way the older students can assess if the sequence of steps they have included in their instructions actually allows others to complete the task.

A great activity to use for this would be as follows:

Students create a finger tree.
To do this students must use paint and different parts of their arm/hand to create a tree (as it is autumn right now this is very topical).
Teacher can explain to the students that they use their arm as the trunk, their hand as the branches and their finger tips as the leaves. Students then decide how they will go about the task – choosing their colors and how they will position the parts of the tree on the page. Students then have to write down the process in a set of step by step instructions that can be the followed by younger students. #csertask6  

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