Ryan Miller▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: This link takes you to a webpage that allows students to create their own 'internet safety board game':  I think this game would be fantastic for upper primary because it allows students to discuss appropriate actions to take when using the internet and allows them to also put these into practice in different situations that occur when using the internet.

Part 2: Top 3 Info Services or Technologies:
1 – Google: Students use this almost everyday to access information. The more they use it the better they get at refining their search and accessing the right info quickly.
2 – Edmodo: As a graduate teacher I am just figuring this out, but the students use it as a very safe way to communicate with one another.
3 – email: students use this to access internet sites, stay in touch and create ways to receive and send information.

Part 3: Best 'Keywords' for a search for relevant lesson plans on digital technologies education would be: ' technology lesson plans'. These would give me access to a broad range of activities – and time permitting, I can browse through the most appealing/relevant links. I would also use the "advanced search parameters" on Google to refine my search if needed – Eg IF I just needed a picture I would refine my search to "images" only. #csertask5

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