Rebecca Vincent▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: What information do I have that only some people should know and who should know it?

As a high school teacher we are constantly talking to our students about how much information they share on social media and whether or not they should be doing it. We have had the police liaison officer show students how offenders can easily access their facebook profiles and determine where they go to school and even live within a matter of seconds. Students need to be conscious of the amount of information they are sharing online as they are very open with regards to how much they share with others ( including very personal details or inappropriate images etc). We have shown students information about how their digital foot print may impact their lives both now and in the future, however they still seem to feel some sort of comfort sitting behind a screen and sharing lots of information with the world. I think that they see themselves as separate from what they are sharing in some ways.

Part 2: Top 3 tech/info services

We have every student using a lap top at school and this has had a massive impact, both in a positive and negative manner ( they are very distracting!), being able to complete interactive activities and experiments online in science has been awesome for the students, particularly where we may lack the equipment we need to complete the practical. YOU TUBE, has helped me in the classroom and with ideas and learning content for my senior classes, as well as using short clips during lessons to engage students. Scootle is an awesome information resource as it contains interactives, videos etc and can be used very effectively with the students in the class room.

Part 3: Educational technologies, i don't think I have ever actually searched this phrase or lesson plans for digital technologies because I do not have to directly teach this at school, searching for INTERACTIVES always gives me fairly good results, especially when searching the main content areas of the topic with the word interactive or even web quest. 

Just on a side note, I find that even high school students struggle to know how to effectively search for information and I quite often find them using wiki or yahoo answers!  This website is great for teaching students that not all information on the internet is correct, it tells you all the things that are dangerous about dihydrogen monoxide, which you can then later reveal to the students is simply water!


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