Rebecca Vincent▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: My parents could not afford a computer until I was in Year 12 and I mainly only used it for word processing as we did not have the internet for most of that time. I first started using the internet mainly for University, logging into the University pages to generate timetables etc as well as simple internet searches. I also found myself in chat rooms and on msn quite frequently back then ( its where I met my husband!), which was just as distracting as social media is now!

Part 2: As I teach high school science my sentence would be: The Big Bang created everything that we know to exist, this means that we all came from space because we are made of star dust.

– I have been teaching a unit on Space with year 9 and they like to question everything about the Big Bang theory, it would be interesting to see how much this sentence changed. Year 9 Boys are very creative and I am sure it would no longer have any of the original meaning by the time it got back to the start. #cserTask4!

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