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Option 3: yes I am going to go on with Science stuff here, but adapt it to teaching Algorithms and Programming. 

When teaching dichotomous keys, that is how to identify and classify organisms, I usually give students a bag of objects, use their pencil case or I have bags of plastic toy animals.

If using the pencil case, you start with pencil case, then break it down into what each student has in their pencil case by using a series of yes or no questions, eg can you write with it? is it a pen or pencil? is it used for measuring? is it used for cutting? etc etc, this works well for teaching classification and it would work equally as well for teaching Algorithms and Programming. I do the same with bags of farm animals, dinosaurs and ocean animals I have. If you have the objects with you students are able to actually physically put objects into groups to help aid them in their decision making process to sort them into groups. #cserTask6 

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