Rayma Bryant▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1 – Wow, when did I first use the internet. I can remember getting our first television as a family, our first phone, I remember the first computers taking up a whole room, the first mobile being a brick, but funny enough I can't actually remember the first time I used the internet. I would assume it was while I was in High School, and definitely when I started teacher training, we just take it for granted now, all the information we have available to us.

Part 2 – A game of rumours, I would definitely need to constrain words, I don't know why but even at Grade Six they seem to get rather inappropriate without some guidelines to follow. A sentence you say…hmmmmm… '15 minutes of homework reduced to 0 if we get this right'. Why that, because they hate homework 😉


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