Patricia Lonergan▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

QR Code Activity
This resource and concept is flexible enough to be used across all year levels but I will target the Prep classes.
• Identify, use and explore digital systems (hardware and software components) for a purpose (ACTDIK001)
• Work with others to create and organise ideas and information using information systems, and share these with known people in safe online environments (ACTDIP006)
Students will make a voice recording explaining the process used to complete a particular activity (for example: an art activity on display, instructions on feeding the fish, how lunch should be put in the fridge)
This voice recording will be embedded in the class web page which all parents have access to.
Students will take pictures of the activities to be embedded on the page also.
This web page has its own URL which will be used to create a QR code to direct parents to this page. This QR code can be printed and placed near the activity for parents to more easily see what is happening in the classroom. Each classroom has a set of ipads which will have a QR reader for users to access.
Most of the mechanics of this task will be completed by adults but the students will begin to understand the process of data storage and transfer.

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