kristy Taylor▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: Here's a link to a simple quiz that could be used as a pre, or even post-test for a unit on cybersafety. It uses subject-specific vocabulary such as trolling, phishing, malware and spam to further reinforce students' understanding.

From there you can link to activities and clips that students could work through independently, or it could be taught as a whole-class lesson.

Part 2: iphone, scootle, youtube

Part 3: I'm a recently graduated Teacher-Librarian so I am a keen user of academic databases, google advanced search mixed in with good old boolean operators! I use search terms such as 'ICT', 'Technology' and 'cyber' combined with 'primary', 'kids', 'children' and 'elementary' to find lessons / resources. 

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