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Part 1: My first memory of using the internet was around 1995/96, when I was in my final years of high school. I found myself sitting in our study and excitedly waiting for it to dial up. Then mum or dad would need to use the phone, so I'd have to disconnect. I'd wait…wait…wait, then reconnect! Then they'd need to use it again, so I'd disconnect and on it went. We also weren't allowed to use the internet for very long "in case someone was trying to call through". Oh, the family arguments that pursued in those early years! I remember signing up for hotmail and being so excited that I could send my friends 'emails'. I would no longer put pen to paper and write them letters, as I had in those pre-internet years. I am really very thankful that I got to experience life without internet, as there's no going back now. Ever.
Part 2: "Life without internet would be…" This sentence would resonate with my class as they (like most children) love using technology and I like to challenge them to consider how life would be different if we couldn't access the internet. I told them about how I used to have to hand-write my assignments and look up information in encyclopaedias when I was their age. They were mortified!

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