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I was inspired by the representation of data shown on one of the videos showing the family unit. I went looking for different ways to show the data. As a result I have come across glyphs. You can find a simple example here http://data13.teacherspayteachers.com/users-data/389/852/original/1200698.pdf?fn=EasterBunnyGlyph.pdf&st=VdiprzpiEqZGlwFtRcSygQ&e=1397992207&ip=
These can be integrated into the classroom in so many different ways, not only for maths. One of the benefits is that you can integrate you art, english and math all in one activity. How they work? Each student is given a survey sheet which they fill out. Then they create an artwork following certain instructions, For example if you like pizza, make your base blue. If you don't like pizza, make you base yellow. And keep going on until you complete your artwork. Students can then assess the data. How many people like pizza? They count the blue base. Etc. I am going to try my first glyph in the first few weeks of the term. I hope this makes sense. Google glyphs and the most amazing images turn up to inspire you. #cserTask2

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