Jo Laretive▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1 – Share a resource. Cyber Crime video from BTN – clever and clear introduction to Cyber Crime that could follow on from a Digital Footprint or Privacy lesson. There are also some excellent links to related information.

Part 2 – Top 3 for me.
Internet – I would not have thought myself as a confident computer user and was not really that keen on computers in general but the Internet made all the difference to me. Yes, I am going back in time here!
MacBook – I started with PC's and was worried about changing to Mac (8 years or so ago) as I thought I was going to have to relearn everything. Never looked back.
iPhone – a recent user (I mean past 6 months!) but I am hooked on the digital radios ABC/Buddha/Pandora and downloading audio books from Libraries.

Part 3 – As a Teacher Librarian and previous career corporate information specialist I feel mostly confident searching online. Google is my preference, I would use Google Advanced and then go to academic databases. I suppose I go to sites that I would trust skim and scan and follow the links provided as part of my extended search. For the first activity rather than just searching Google I went to a source (BTN) and searched within it as I assumed there would be something suitable there. At the end of an ordinary day I would have skimmed and scanned a wide amount of stuff online!


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