Jennie Bales▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1 cser#4. In the early 1990s I enrolled in a Distance Ed Masters degree. I had to purchase everything and went to the considerable expense of upgrading the new PC memory from 4mgs to 8 on purchase. The external modem set me back around $500 and the 8kbs dial up cost around $100 a month. The downloading of course content and forum messages was a nightmare and, not knowing anything about the cache, my PC fell over in the first 6 months running slower and slower until it ground to a halt. Great story to tell the kids at school – their reaction isn't about the technology though,  but about me: "Geez you must be old!"
Part 2 cser#4: The computer lost its mouse and relied on solar power for its daily dose of energy.
(Tried to come up with several key words to play around with that could change meaning considerably).

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