jd Jd▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: We had no computers in school. I first used computers when I started my studies at Uni. No money as a student I could only purchase my first “Green-Screen” computer in 1989. I could not wait to upgrade my monitor to a black and white, wow no more nightmares “Matrix-Much” teenagers will say with those green pixels staring at you. I did use the internet and email during class time at University and communicating with friends teaching in another province the first year of teacher was a hit! This is an interesting task I cannot even think that far back. We also used the Internet to send results to the Ministry of Education. Only a few youngsters used the Internet in those days, my parents and the more senior teachers were against it. If you were fresh from University you were automatic on the timetable and results using the computers in the main office. 

Part 2: I will start a rumour for Data Representation and Information year 7: “The year 7 girls threw the shot-put further that the year 7 boys” They will argue, want evidence, investigate if it was the same weight for the shot-put, ask the PE Teacher for previous records, have a contest and measure, etc. They will have the opportunity to come up with ways to proof my rumour and how they can record and display the evidence.#cserTask4 

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