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I am going to attempt to explain this as succinctly as possible.

A great task for data collection, exploration and analysis that caused a lot of discussion and debates in my class was a Rich Math task where they had to bake the best cake possible. Students had to decide what particular data they needed to collect from their peers in order to determine the 'best' cake, how to structure the data (whether multiple choice questions would help narrow the data or limit it) and how to collate the data all 70 student surveys they distributed.  The analysis of the data led to a lot of discussion as some students had a very democratic way of thinking and thought that the option with the most votes would win, whereas others thought that some pieces of data were more important than others and it didn't matter how many people voted for it. For instance, even though the peanut butter was students' favorite flavor, there was one student with a peanut allergy and therefore that option could not be chosen. It really was a task that led to a lot of student discussion and exploration around how to best collect and represent data. After completing this module, I think I would allow students to try multiple ways of either collecting and representing the data, rather than brainstorming different options and then agreeing on one to action. #cserTask2  

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