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Option 3 – Hopscotch
After downloading Hopscotch on my ipad I needed the time to experiment and play around with the programming. This is all very new to me to it was exciting to be able to create my own activity but also frustrating when I didnt understand how to do something.

To integrate this app in to the classroom I would allow the students to do exactly the same thing in their first lesson with. Play, explore and experiment. Encourage the students to have a go and make mistakes so that we can learn from them. After some familiarising with the program, we might come back together as a group and discuss what we found – PMI.

This is a great video to introduce Hopscotch and what the app is capable of. Hopscotch App tutorial

There are a bit of complicating parts to the program but I think in the lower primary years, this app would be perfect for Maths – mapping, location, direction, language etc. I would request a particular action from the selected character and get the students to see if they could copy it eg. make your character go to the top of the screen and turn around, make your character walk around the frame of the ipad etc. The students could then take turns giving instructions to each other (verbal or written).

Something as simple as this could introduce the concept of visual programming to young children and make it engaging and interesting for ongoing lessons.


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