Inaz M.▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1 – Our school is involved with eSmart and I would highly recommend it as it outlines specific policies and practices to ensure online safety across the school. 

Part 2 – a) Ipad apps have really made a positive impact in the classrooms, whether it be assisting EAL students or extending my high achievers. 
b) Pinterest – Always finding fantastic resources!
c) Google maps – I use this personally to aid my poor sense of direction in addition to using it in the classroom for mathematics, geography and even literacy tasks.

Part 3 – I don't have a set of specific 'best keywords' but I have always tried to emphasise the importance of being specific, otherwise the outcome can be a bit iffy. In saying that, being too specific can get you nowhere. Using Google Advance settings is great to adjust your search results.

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