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Hi Everyone, I am new to the group and hope it's not too late to play catch up!

I am truly thankful for the MOOC and look forward to expanding my knowledge and understanding of our Technologies Curriculum.

I have posted a link to a visual outlining the development of 'dependence' we have on technology in a study sense.
I'm always interested in the ways which students learn and how they can better access information… it seems that in our digital world, students are more dependent on technology to source what they need. 
What were the days like before the saying "Ill just Google it" was coined?  A family member was telling me how a group of friends were trying to remember the name of a movie but were driving in a remote area with no coverage.  They noticed their dependence on needing the information 'NOW' and the fact they couldn't rely on their own memory recall to get what they wanted.
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