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As I am new to teaching coding, I believe it is important to teach the staff how to code correctly so they can teach children appropriately.

I think that the use of Bee Bot's is an easy way to describe how algorithms can assist in following instructions in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Another option could be to work in partners. One partner is blindfolded. The other is to explain how to function by simple commands, eg one step left, three steps forward. This will allow for the student or the staff member to understand how a set of commands can work together to achieve the outcome.

It would be important to implement the necessary language associated with coding. This is important to grasp before moving onto such applications like Scratch etc. When using Scratch, students could explain how they get to school and use appropriate commands and actions to "get to school". 

Cue cards and word walls would help to visually remind students of the language they should be using within these tasks. 


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