Gregory Salerno▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: Resource

Being a BYODD school (Bring Your Own Designated Device) we put our Stage 3 students through a digital bootcamp. This year, week 1 of Term 1 our students undertook 3 online challenges provided by acma ( Each one deals with different scenario's and asks the students questions and how they would respond in different situations. Teachers are on the receiving end of this live interaction. It gives the teacher a great sense of how students react in online activity.

The overall response from our Stage 3 students was positive. A debrief after each challenge allowed teachers to gauge reactions and understand how students think. Privacy issues and cyberbullying is always going to be a tricky obstacle but resources such as acma, is a good refresher for students each year. This is a resource I will continue to use. 


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