Ellie Croft▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1 the first time I remember using the internet was in the mid 1990s when we had to disconnect the phone line and plug in a data line.  The then familiar  internet connection signal came and the connection was made.  We would download the page we were interested in and save it to a floppy disk to use later. This changed to CDs. Our family had 6 students for one computer and we had a roster.  Use your time wisely or you missed out. Youngest went first and had half to 3/4  hour. 3 after school before dinner, 3 of us after.  The older ones had an hour.  I did my Science degree by distance ed in the 0s from 9.00-11.00pm every night after I'd put the kids to bed.  The internet was very slow, don't download images or the allocation was used up, and it was notorious for dropping out. If we used up our internet allocation for the month before it was over we had to wait for the next month to begin to download again.  I love broadband, Wi Fi and our access to internet now.  The world is so different even from 10 years ago.

Part 2  My rumour. Year 6s like learning using iPads. 

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