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Innovate my school, site provides some excellent resources for teaching a plethora of online safety, etiquette, digital citizenship concepts/ideas.  This site provides detailed lesson plans as well as high quality games, inter-actives, information, activities, ….. too many to list.  
The site is well designed with clear sets of lessons/activities for all primary year levels up to and including year 7.   The list for Reception students for example, includes 11 videos, activities, games etc. with teacher and parent lesson notes/extra info.
Link provided below:

1. GOOGLE:  

I tend to always be very specific and most often put my search terms within quotes.  This usually saves me heaps of time and produces just what I need.  I would tend to use key words such as, “binary counting”, “Boolean operators”, “Cyber Crime”, I would also other specifics such as, lesson plans for …….

My biggest challenge is usually finding peer-reviewed research papers on various digital technology topics.  Again, as with locating teaching resources, I find the trick is to be as specific as I possibly can and also to substitute key words with synonyms, and I always use quotes.  I’m not always as successful as I would like so I have much learning to do in the area of academic searching.

I’m not sure about the worst searches I have done, although there have been plenty.  In my experience broad searches usually do not not reap a focused harvest.

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