Denise Herreen▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

My first experience with the internet was about 12 months after I had graduated from Uni having completed a major in computer science and my neighbour who lived over the back from us in ACT told me about this thing called the Internet that he was obsessed with.  I remember him telling me that he could search all kinds of things and he even said that in the not too distant future we would be able to do banking and go shopping all on-line.  I remember thinking that his wife must get pretty annoyed that he was tying up the phone line all the time.  These conversations with this neighbour prompted me to find out more about the internet and what it could mean for the future…… all of which has well and truly come to pass.

The sentence I would start my year 8's off with would be:
"What could cells and computer chips have in common?"
I chose this because I wonder just how creatively the students would think about this and if the possibility of organic chips would come up.

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