debbie Campagna▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: I had spent time travelling overseas and when I arrived back in Australia in 1996 there were a number of local schools installing computer labs.  I began teaching at a state school which had recently installed a computer lab of 30 desktop computers. I was expected to take my class into the lab once a week for a lesson on top of the timetabled computer lessons.  I remember feeling completely lost and way out of my comfort zone. I worked really hard to familiarise myself with the computer but at a click of a button I found myself on another site and getting completely lost and off track.  I also remember feeling so excited that this device was opening up new information and new doors for my students as well as myself.
Part 2: Rumours; I would use a sentence from the class book I was reading at the time. We are currently reading On Orchard Road by Elsbeth Edgar so my sentence could be 'Jane rested her bike against a post and stepped onto the shadowy verandah.'  The words that could change; Jane, rested, bike, post, stepped shadowy, verandah. #cserTask4 

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