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I think the resource of CyberSmart has been mentioned before and here is the link.
Also since cyber-bullying is such a prevalent fixture in so many of ours students lives this related Australian site with information, resources and advice for students, parents and teachers is very important for young students.

Also in regards to:
What are the top 3 information services or technologies that have made the biggest difference to you or your students's lives.

1. Increased mobility and accessibility.  This covers a whole gamut of products in technology – including rapid advances in wireless accessibility and speed and the saturation of affordable mobile devices.  With these a whole range of web tools (and online courses such as MOOCs) can flourish.
Only a few years ago in schools and educational facilities technology was only accessible in labs/pods and so lessons integrating technologies were limited. These days with BYOD schools can provide policies and infrastructure but the burden of affordability of tech can in many cases be offset to parents/students. This can enable school to focus on delivering curriculum whilst using technology as the enabler to make more diverse methods of learning possible.

2.  GAFE.  Google Apps For Education is offered for free to educational institutions.  This is MASSIVE.  Whilst implementation and training costs need to be considered this is still a huge positive so that all can get on board.  Obviously schools need to invest in areas of infrastructure and training to make the implementation effective and take advantage of the  advances of GAFE.  With proper implementation the traditional methods of student/staff work submission workflows can be rapidly changed to advantage all parties

3. Tablet based devices.  Again with rapid advances of battery life and interactivity the user interface offers, these devices have the potential to change lives.  The change to the interactive user interface has opened up many areas for developers and specialised apps have enabled rapid development especially in areas of special education. Apps in the creative arts especially can also offer a very different approach to lesson.  Many apps and technologies that have been developed as a result of interactivity of these devices (QR Codes, Augmented Reality) can change the way many students absorb new information.


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