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My first experience with the “internet” was to transfer work files over a 2400bps modem using various programs (one called Kermit on HP-UX) in late 80s. There were things called token-ring networks, BBS (bulletin board systems) were the beginnings of file-sharing) and XTree was king of file management.  The sound of  dial-up modem still haunts me. Phone bills were largely made up of calls to ISPs – calls that dropped a few seconds later after a failed handshake. Those that were there will understand.   This was where phone companies made their profits before SMS.  

Ahh…. The good old days weren’t that good when you compare it to now…
Used to think AltaVista was fabulous and GeoCities and Netscape was cool.

I still remember seeing Google the first time (really – only in 1998?) and loved its simplicity and speed (over dial-up).  Never looked back and still love the #Google

Rumour sentence would be:   You have all your data, photos and videos stored on USB drives, CD and DVD drives, SSD drives, Tape drives and Google Drive in your house – which is the only one that will survive when your house burns down?

Not really a sentence (but a question) to make kids think about backups and where their data is stored.  It’s maybe aimed at a little older audience but students are never to young to learn about responsibility of where their stuff really is…


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