Chloe Jones▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: I always find the Cybersmart website the best place to go when it comes to ideas and activities to teach kids about being safe online. I visited the site recently and found the activity called 'Comic Book Capers'. The students are asked to help each member of the family to be more cybersmart. They are provided with a number of scenarios and are asked how they could help each family member in regards to online safety. It could have a number of useful purposes in the classroom, either as an introductory activity or as an activity to allow students to demonstrate what they have learnt.

Part 2: The top 3 technologies and information services that have made the biggest difference to me are:
– Facebook. It has made communicating with friends and family MUCH easier.
– GPS. Before I had one of these I found myself constantly getting lost.
– Skype. Much better than a normal phone call.

Part 3: The best keywords I can recommend are the ones that involve exactly what you are looking for! E.G 'digital technologies education' AND 'lesson plans'. I think the best tip anyone could get is to understand how the speech marks and the boolean operators can really help you when you are searching. I never used to understand how they worked but now that I know they are so much help when I need to find specific information about a specific topic. 

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