Chloe Jones▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: My first experience with the Internet was using MSN. It is a messaging system that I first starting using in about Grade 6. I remember having to connect to the internet each night when I wanted to use it and I was only allowed half an hour at a time because it used the phone line. I would go online and talk to my friends, usually more than one at a time, which was a much better way than the phone coz we could all talk at once. I thought it was great and loved it! 

Part 2: Depending on what grade I happened to be teaching at the time I would choose a sentence that had to do with something we had been working on in class. Obviously it would get changed each time but it would reinforce a little bit of knowledge for the students. 
For example, my last prac class was Grade 2 and they were learning about quadrilaterals. I might make a sentence that says 'Quadrilaterals have four sides'. This is a simple sentence for them that also reminds them of a piece of information about quadrilaterals that they were struggling to remember. I would allow them to change the words however they pleased as long as they only change one per turn. 


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