Brandy Heffernan▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

I created a poster that represents different types of data and different devices that students are familiar with. I used the format of the cloud to depict all images so that poster can be adaptable across several class levels. I think the poster could be used to initiate discussions about different types of data (Images inside the cloud) and different devices that share data (Around the outside) Younger students could be prompted to think of other types of data or devices for sharing. Older students could discuss the cloud and its purpose for data storage, or talk about what data it can store. Discussions on the metaphor of the cloud, ease of sharing and universal access could stem from this prompt. Students could volunteer ways in which they interact with data everyday and even bring in examples of photos, music, videos of data they have created to make a shared data space for the class. #csertask3  

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