Anita Presti▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

A classroom activity based on an existing game in Scratch.
Using the hide and seek game I would first introduce the game to the students and let them play it and see how it works. Then I would ask the students to look at the existing code for the game and have them first discuss in small groups what each block of code does and examine how it sequences the events in the game. Then I would set the students  to independently have a go at writing out what each block of code does and then highlight the repeating code and the IF/then code. Then as a whole class regroup and discuss their understanding of the code.
Finally I would set the students the task of changing the amount of time the sprite appears and to change the sound the game makes when you click on the sprite.
This would then lead onto subsequent lessons where they could have a go at further alterations to the game and trying to make their own hide and seek game. #cserTask7

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