Anita Presti▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1: What information do I have that only some people should know and who should know it?
Information about myself that should be private are things like my full name, my age, my address and where I go to school. This type of information should only be given out to people whom I trust, and I should only trust people that I have met in person, are known to my family and with whom I have already formed a trusting relationship. I should never share this information online with people I have never actually met and whom I don't know personally. If I am asked to give this information when I am on an authentic website, such as online banking or Ebay, I should always check with an adult to see if that particular website is secure. I should never engage in online conversation with someone I don't know. I should be careful of people who ask things like; 'what grade are you in at school?" Or "what sports team do you play for?" Answering these type of questions can indirectly give out my private information like my age and what suburb I might live in. I should never send photos of myself to people I don't know and trust. I need to be aware of my digital footprint.

Part 2 Top 3
1. Edmodo: an information system where students, parent and teachers can communicate in a safe and secure environment.
2. Google maps: Great for someone with poor directional skills like myself and a great tool for learning about mapping in the classroom.
3. Ipad app Video Star: My daughters favorite app. Very creative way for students to learn about special effects and create their own music video.

Part 3 Keywords for searching.
'Technology lesson plans' take you straight to

I find sometimes you can be too specific and narrow your search too much, for example grade 5 lesson plans for digital technology is not as helpful as Technology lesson plans. #cserTask5

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