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Option 2

Both my class and I are new to coding, yet I can see how they would enjoy immersing themselves in the coding worlds of Scratch, Hopscotch etc. 
This is a brief overview of what I intend to do with my Year 6 class:

1. In a self-paced style, the students will work through the 10 Introductory tutorials for Scratch on the Video Help page:, trying out the new skills in a different tab/browser, as they are watching the tutorials.

2. Once they have mastered the skills of sprite movement, changing colour, speaking, adding sounds and inserting a background, they will create their own Scratch project, using all of these skills.
The project will link in with our Government unit of inquiry. We run a Wizard Parliament, and each student is a Wizard MP. They have their own electorate website which they keep up to date.
Their Scratch task will be to create a scene introducing themselves to their constituents.  This can involve magic (changing colour, moving etc), speaking and sound. It will also need to be set against a wizardy backdrop. 

3. Once they have finished their Scratch projects, they can embed them (Share – Embed code) on their Electorate Websites. 

I am hoping that this will be a good way of integrating beginner coding into an existing unit of inquiry. A first step, but hopefully the first of many coding steps – for us all!


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