Alex Galland▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Part 1
The Cybersmart Challenge is a series of 3 online games designed for Primary students to teach them about online safety, cyberbullying and interacting safely in an online environment. The students work in teams in a real time activity (1 hour) and are guided by online 'guides'. My class did the Cybersmart Detectives (online safety) one last term and absolutely adored it. I will book in for the Cybersmart Hero  (cyberbullying) one for next term. Highly recommended.

Part 2:
My top 3 pieces of tech would be Twitter (for ongoing professional development and dialogue), Edmodo (for extending the walls of my classroom and providing my students with a safe, user-friendly and extremely useful online environment) and Weebly (for our class blog and which the students use for their digital portfolios).

Part 3:
I find Google Advanced Searches to be the most useful – particularly to narrow down to a particular type (video, newspaper etc). I also like the Search by Reading Level function – excellent for student searching.


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